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ACT Aspire for Grades 3-8

over 2 years ago

The ACT Aspire  is an online assessment that tests English, Reading, Writing, Math and Science. This test is grade specific and will only test standards for the grade the student is enrolled. (Example: A 5th grade student will only be tested on CCSS for 5th Grade.) More information can be found at the following web links:

ACT Aspire Parent Newsletter (English)

ACT Aspire Parent Newsletter (Spanish)

ACT Aspire Grade 9-10 (Early High School Assessment)

10 months ago

The ACT Aspire for 9th-10th grade will be administered in Spring 2019. Students will receive a predictor for ACT scoring that will help them prepare for the ACT.

More information about ACT Aspire can be found at the following links:


10 months ago

The ACT® is a national college admissions examination recognized by universities and colleges in the US.  The State of Arkansas will provide one opportunity for all Arkansas 11th grade students to test at their respective high schools during Spring 2019.  Note that the ACT is offered throughout the year at different testing sites, but the State is sponsoring the school spring administration only.   
The ACT Taken with Paper (per school decision)
     Initial Test Date: February 20, 2019
     Makeup Test Date: March 12, 2019

2016 ACT Scores: English 20.0, Reading 20.5, Math 19.7, Science 20.4
2017 ACT Scores: English 19.8, Reading 19.8, Math 19.4, Science 19.9
2018 ACT Scores: English 19.2, Reading 20, Math 19.1, Science 19.8


over 3 years ago


This is the English Language Proficiency Assessment that is administered to all K-12 ELL students that have not exited from the ESL program.

For more information, you can visit the ELPA21 website at the link below.

Alternate Assessment

10 months ago

  • Dynamic Learning Maps grades 3-11 for math, science and ELA, if they meet the eligibility criteria.

K-2 Assessment

10 months ago

The Farmington School District utilizes Istation as the adaptive, online assessment for K-2 students. This assessment will be administered 3 times per year.

Assessment Data 2018-2019

about 1 month ago

2018-2019 Assessment Data

ACT Aspire

Following is the percentage of students that scored Ready or Exceeding on ACT Aspire:


  English Math Science Reading 
Grade 3 87.4 76.6 58.1 58.1
Grade 4 79.4 64.4 53.9 59.4
Grade 5 80.6 63.1 53.9 50.5
Grade 6 77.8 58 53.6 50.2
Grade 7 91.3 62.1 54.9 49.7
Grade 8 86.8 64 66 66.5
Grade 9 67.8 55.7 51.9 53
Grade 10 68.9 32.6 37.8 35.8

2019 ACT Results for 11th Grade

English          19.1

Math             18.5

Reading        20.9

Science         20.3

Composite   19.8