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Farmington Parent Teacher and Student Asoociations

Folsom PTA  Williams PTA  Middle School PTSA  JR/SR High PTSA

PTA and PTSA are acronyms for parent-teacher and parent-teacher-student associations in our school and community. PTA is the oldest and largest child advocacy group working exclusively for children and youth. For over one hundred years, the National PTA has promoted education, health and safety of children and families.

The PTA is an association that provides members with access to an established network of volunteers at the local, council, state, and national levels who help one another and share resources, ideas, and projects. It goes beyond the local school as many problems affecting children and youth cannot be solved by local action alone.  There is strength in numbers, and the PTA has the clout and numbers to get the job done. 

Farmington has the following PTA'S/PTSA'S:
  • Williams PTA(K-3RD)
  • Folsom PTA(K-3RD)
  • Middle School PTSA(4TH-6TH)
  • Farmington PTSA for grades 7-12th.
PTSA allows students to become members and also serve on the board. PTSA plans to have programs and projects that meet the needs of our students. Our meetings will hopefully provide a way for all parents, teachers, and students to become involved in the education and welfare of our students. Hope you will join us in the fall at either PTA or PTSA meetings and functions.

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