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11 months ago

2019-2020 Immunization Requirements

The following students will need these  immunizations to start the 2019-20

school year.

***All students entering  

FIRST GRADE   will need at least one HEPATITIS A and should finish the 2 shot series before end of 1st grade. 

Students will not be allowed to enter 2nd grade without the completed 2 shot series.

***All students who are  
11 YEARS OLD ON OR BEFORE SEPTEMBER 1, 2019 will need TDaP  

***All students entering  

7th GRADE  will need the TDaP  and the MCV4.

***All students who are 

16 YEARS OLD ON OR BEFORE SEPTEMBER 1, 2019  will need the  MCV4.

***All students  

KINDERGARTEN through 12th GRADE  are required to have 2 DOSES of  VARICELLA (chicken pox).  A "history of disease" from parent is no longer allowable.  The "history of disease" in place of one of the doses of Varicella has to be confirmed by Doctor signature.

Per Arkansas state law, every child must have received all of the vaccines, be in-process of receiving needed doses , show proof that they have a letter from the Arkansas Department of Health approving serology as proof of immunity, or applied for an exemption for those vaccines he/she has not received in order to continue attendance in a public or private school. 

*Exemptions must be renewed each school year. The parent/guardian is responsible for providing a copy to the school.*

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