Using the Elmo TT-02 Series Document Camera
View Presentation on this model from Elmo to get an idea of its capabilities.

The Elmo TT-O2 Series Document camera is a semi portable document camera designed with educational use in mind. To use the camera follow these steps:
  1. Set the TT-02 up on a flat surface and plug in the power plug to a wall outlet and to the back of the camera unit
  2. Using one of the provided cords, hook the document camera up to a viewing device such as a TV, projector, VCR or computer monitor. Be sure that you plug the cord into the Video out terminal on the Elmo and into the Video in terminal on the viewing device. Below is a diagram of the terminals on the back of the TT-02
  3. Power on the TT-02 by pressing the Power button on top of the unit.
  4. Press the Camera button on top of the unit to select the camera as the viewing source. A green light should appear next to the camera when it is active
  5. Place the object that you want to display under the camera and adjust the picture as follows:
  6. If you would like to switch between the document camera and displaying your computer screen (such as a power point presentation) plug the laptop video cord into the RGB in terminal as shown above. To switch to between the 2 video sources hit the PC or Camera buttons on top of the control panel. A green light will indicate which video source is active.

(Optional) Some models of the TT-02 come with the ability to capture images from the document camera and save them to a SD picture card inserted into the unit or display images from an SD picture card.
  1. Insert the SD picture card into the slot located on the side of the main unit.
  2. To capture an image onto the SD card hit the top button on the control panel that has a camera next to it.
  3. To display images from the SD card hit the bottom button on the control panel that as an SD next to it. Use the left and right buttons on the control panel to scroll through the pictures.
  4. You can transfer captured pictures from the SD card to your computer by hooking the TT-02 up to your computer with the provided USB cord. The computer should recognize the TT-O2 as a USB mass storage device place the drive under "My Computer"

(Optional) Some models of the TT-02 come with the ability to attach the TT-02 to a computer for control and image capturing abilities.
  1. ***Important*** Install the Elmo software on your computer by inserting the provided CD or by running the setup program in the Elmo folder on your G:\ drive first!!!
  2. After the Elmo software is installed on your computer hook the provided USB cord to an open slot on your computer and to the back of the TT-02
  3. Hit the menu button on the TT-02 control panel and scroll down to "USB Mode" using the down arrow
  4. Hit the right arrow to access the USB Mode menu and hit down to select "Application". Hit the menu button again to exit the menu.
  5. On your computer go to Start>Programs>Elmo>Utility Software>Image Mate for Presentation
  6. Using the toolbar on the Image Mate for Presentation program you can: