The following is an excerpt from "The Feed Blog" from Tyson, which includes our very own Child Nutrition Director Wendy Burrus.  

Wendy Burrus, Child Nutrition Director in Farmington, Arkansas

Since school closed in March, Wendy’s team packed and distributed meals to students through volunteer delivery drivers.

Twice a week, the child nutrition team met to pack enough meals to last until the next delivery date. Then volunteers from the school district staff would load the meals up and get assigned delivery routes.

Wendy says it was a huge challenge to figure out a “new normal,” but her team recognized the urgency of keeping kids fed. The team could not have operated without assistance from the transportation and technology departments, helping with meal sign-ups and delivery routes.

As school starts back up, even lunch in the cafeteria isn’t the usual. They now offer more lunch sessions so fewer kids are gathered together, and lunch is packaged instead of on open trays to decrease the opportunity for viral spread.

“Lunch ladies are a family,” Wendy says fondly. “Our mission doesn’t change; we want to keep kids fed.”

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