Cardinal Crew

Today we spoke with Georgia Richards to discuss the Farmington Cardinal Crew. If you’re not familiar with the Cardinal Crew it is a highly respected group of adults, and some of the juniors and seniors of Farmington High School.  

They engage in many showings around the high school, such as upcoming class orientations. This year, however, was a bit different due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.  For example as mentioned previously, sophomore orientation. Instead of showing the sophomores around the school, the Farmington Cardinal Crew sent out a video explaining all the details and ultimately fulfilled their duties.  Richards then went on to explain that the Cardinal Crew is a “well respected, very fun and interesting group to be a part of.”  There are some requirements that must be met such as teacher recommendations and an application process.  Only a few  students are chosen as ambassadors each year.  Richards gave great insight into this functioning group that makes Farmington a better experience for all students!

By: Kearstin Orme