With our Farmington ACE team beginning their season at the beginning of the next semester, we caught up with member Omar Qedan to hear his thoughts on the season.

We first asked Omar what his favorite part of participating in ACE is the new information that he learns every year in preparation for the season. He said that it helps keep his mind sharp and keeps him thinking.

When asked how he felt he and the rest of the team will do this upcoming season, he said, “As a competitor, I feel I do well as competitiveness is something I carry with me in everything I do. For me though, it's most important I do my job for the team so we can compete as a whole. I think our team will do really well. We have a few new members that came in after last year's seniors graduated and they have done very well. We won our first practice match a couple weeks ago, so we are off to a great start and I am confident we can carry on our performances.”

With the COVID-19 pandemic still looming over every activity being done at school, we asked Omar what some challenges are that the team as a whole will have to overcome this season. He said that doing matches virtually will be something that they will have to get used to as in the past, matches have been done at the individual schools in person. He also said that they will have to overcome the loss of last year’s seniors and the experience that they had, but he also said that all of the team’s new members are off to a great start and that he is sure they will keep that going.

We also hope that the ACE team will continue their season well and that they hopefully win another season. Their first match is Thursday, January 14 so be sure to keep up with them as they begin and go through their season.  By: Clayton Williamson