August 16, 2021

Dear Farmington School Community:

Tomorrow our students and staff will experience the energy and excitement of a new school year. One of the positive things about the pandemic is that it has brought our school community closer together in many ways. Together, we have rallied and proven that we know how to do the impossible, have on-site school during a pandemic. Our students and staff worked together last year to keep everyone as safe as possible and be considerate to others. Together we made the 2020-21 school year happen in the midst of a pandemic and created special memories while other states around us returned to on-site learning in the spring. 

Unfortunately, the pandemic is not going away, and we will face continued challenges in the upcoming school year. After a year and a half, the COVID-19 rules and restrictions feel burdensome and never-ending. Many of us are ready to drop the safety precautions and return to normal as quickly as possible. Hopefully we will get there eventually, but it is going to take more time. As always, student and staff health and safety must remain our top priority in Farmington. Educating children safely on-site without interruption continues to be our goal during this challenging time. 

According to updated DESE guidance, universal masking will allow a school district to limit quarantines to students and staff who are symptomatic or sick only. Arkansas cases have increased dramatically in the last few weeks. It is important we take all precautions in order to keep students and staff in school and safe. Currently, our county has 2,187 active cases, and our district has a 14 day infection rate of 100+ per 10,000. Patrons may find current COVID-19 data for the Farmington School District at ACHI data.

After reviewing updated guidelines, receiving feedback from our surveys and the Ready for Learning Committee, we will layer mitigation strategies as we work to keep our students safe. All students, staff, and visitors—regardless of vaccination status must wear a mask while in any Farmington Public Schools facilities. Face-masks are not required: (1) when outside; or (2) when our Communicable Disease Emergency Exposure Control Plan allows students to remove masks. Our plan also outlines the strategies we will implement in regards to screening and additional cleaning. 

If you have questions about the upcoming school year; please see the FSD continuity of services plan to learn more. The pandemic will continue to challenge us, but there is so much to look forward to in the upcoming school year! Farmington is an incredible community, and we are blessed to work with our students and staff in the Farmington Public Schools. We look forward to welcoming you all back tomorrow, and I hope everyone has a great first day!  



Jon Laffoon

Superintendent of Schools