September 30, 2022 – Farmington School District (FSD) “Flipped the Switch'' to celebrate their newly constructed 375 kW-AC solar array on-site at Farmington High School, 250 kW-AC array at Jerry Pop Williams Elementary School, and the completion of a district-wide energy-efficient upgrade. The project, approved by the school board in May 2021, is set to save the district nearly $300,000 in annual operating expenses.  

“This comprehensive project is yet another way our district has combated rising expenses in order to keep funds where they matter—in the district,” said Jon Laffoon, Farmington School District Superintendent. “Credit goes to our board for being good stewards of our community’s millage by paying for these upgrades with one-time federal funds, record-low interest rates, and taking advantage of new solar legislation.” With more than $6 million in savings to be realized over the lifetime of this project, FSD will use the savings to fund teacher retention initiatives and classroom advancement.  

In addition to the positive financial impact, the on-site solar arrays allow Farmington students to have first-hand experience with the rapidly growing renewable energy industry, the fastest- growing occupation of the next decade. Travis Warren, School Board President, added, “We are excited to be able to enhance our academic environments and provide a unique learning experience for our students, staff, and community centered on sustainability.”

“Working with Mr. Laffoon and the school board on this impactful project in my hometown has been immensely gratifying. I am proud to be a graduate of Farmington and thrilled with the district’s efforts to become more sustainable,” added Adam Ness of Entegrity. 

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