Presenter, Noggle, & Purifoy posing with her award

The Arkansas Energy Rocks! Program is naming Mallory Noggle our Energy Education Teacher of the Year.  This award is given to one teacher annually who goes above and beyond the normal call in exposing students to information about energy sources, usage, issues and the important role it plays in our lives. The program looks for innovative teachers, those who push their students a little further, using their own enthusiasm, research and teaching techniques to create a lifelong desire for learning through process thinking.  

Mrs. Noggle's dedication to her students, pursuit of furthering her own education, and involvement in the community makes her an invaluable asset to the Farmington School District and energy education programs throughout Arkansas.

Arkansas Energy Rocks! is an energy program to educate students on the oil and natural gas industry, energy production, energy jobs, natural resources, environmental practices, and misinformation about fossil fuels.  Mrs. Noggle has worked with the program to align their lesson plans to Arkansas High School curriculum standards as well as provide instruction to fellow Arkansas teachers at workshops during the summer. 

Congratulations, Mrs. Noggle!